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DreamScapes, Water Features and Landscape Design

Koi Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Natural Pools, Outdoor Fountains, and more

At DreamScapes, we offer a variety of services that transform outdoor living spaces into uplifting Natural Destinations that Connect People with Nature.

Koi Ponds

A DreamScape Pond is a Living Water Ecosystem that it is easy to maintain because it was designed and built right. All of our Pond Projects come standard with A Variable Speed Pump (so you can turn it up and down), Sitting Rocks, An automatic water fill, An automatic bacteria dosing system, Fish Caves, Underwater Lights, IonGen algae preventers and Powerheads or Water Jets for maximum circulation. Our LED under water lights are powered by transformer with a timer, and can be white light or color changing. Our Ponds and their surrounding Landscaping are so natural looking that they often look like they were always there. Each DreamScape Koi Pond has its own unique design that is custom tailored to our clients wishes & the space they are within.

Pondless Waterfalls

A DreamScape Pondless Waterfall is even easier to maintain than a pond and yet offers almost all of the amazing benefits found in our pond projects. Unlike traditional Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls do not have an exposed body of water at the bottom, making them ideal for small spaces or areas with public access and safety concerns. They offer all of the energy, sights and sounds of a natural waterfall without the work of maintaining associated with a Pond. We often build small pools into the streams of our Pondless projects, complete with sitting rocks. They can be turned off for as much as 8 hours at a time if desired. DreamScape Pondless waterfall projects come standard with: A remote controlled variable speed pump, sitting rocks, an automatic water fill, an automatic bacteria dosing system, IonGen algae preventer, a powerhead or water jet for circulation, a fish cave, underwater lights set on a timer. These LED lights can be white or color changing, giving you options to easily change the look and feel of your water feature using the Aquascape App on your cell phone.

Natural Pools

You can now swim in your own Clean, Clear, DreamScape Living Water Recreation Pond without the use of chemicals. These Ponds are deeper and larger than most ponds we create because they are designed for swimming in and interacting with. The water is kept clean with proper circulation, flow and the use of large Wetland Filters for Bio-Filtration. DreamScape Recreation Ponds have waterfalls, stone stair entrances, sitting rocks, jumping rocks by the deep end, shallow areas, fish caves, underwater lights, fish, & plants. Altogether, the result is a mesmerizing, invigorating water wonderland designed to Connect People (and dogs) with Nature! They all come standard with an automatic water fill, An automatic bacteria dosing system, a fish cave, underwater lights, IonGen algae preventers and Powerhead or WaterJets for excellent pond circulation. These LED lights can be white or color changing, giving you options to easily change the look and feel of your water feature using the Aquascape App on your cell phone. We light up the entire water feature from top to bottom, which makes viewing and swimming at night amazing!

Outdoor Fountains and Fountainscapes

Fountainscape projects are the perfect solution for spaces or budgets that are too small for a larger water feature. Aquascape creates a wide variety of different Fountains, including Stacked Slate Spheres, Urns, Water Walls, Spillway bowls and Basalt columns. They can be free standing or integrated within larger water features. The options to combine different types of Fountainscapes together are endless. DreamScape Fountain projects look great at night with lights. All DreamScape fountain projects are installed with white or color changing LED lights that brighten the fountain and its surrounding area up, illuminating them in enchanting ways.

Landscaping and Aquatic Plants

DreamScapes often installs plants and landscaping around our Water Features to create beautiful, natural outdoor living spaces that look and feel like they were always there. We install paths, patios, fences, walls, drainage, planting, irrigation and lighting to create immersive natural environments that feed the Soul. The first step in this process is for us to develop a plant list with our clients. Next, we install a drip system to irrigate the new plants in a way that encourages deep root growth and very healthy growth.

Pond Maintenance, Repair, and Renovation

DreamScapes offers a wide range of water feature maintenance services, as well as repair and renovation work. If your water feature or fountain is in need of repair work or a renovation, we have decades of experience and are glad to help.

We have over 30 years of experience designing and installing Pondless Waterfalls, Ponds, Fountain Scapes, Recreation Ponds and their surrounding Landscapes.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail is poured into every DreamScape that we bring to life.

Creating Natural Water Features in your Outdoor Living Space!

At DreamScapes, we specialize in creating Natural Water Features, such as Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Fountainscapes & Swimming Ponds, as well as the landscaping around them. Step out of your door into an Outdoor Living Paradise that is filled with lush plants, birds, butterflies & the peaceful sound of falling water, day or night. Sit with friends on flat rocks with your feet in the water. Welcome home, to the DreamScape Lifestyle!

Explore your Options with an onsite Vision Consultation

During an on-site Vision Consultation, James works closely with clients to explore creative options for every aspect of their Water Feature and Landscaping projects. It is understood that working with our Clients budget is important, so estimated costs will be given on the spot for all options discussed. James will share ideas and answer any questions our clients may have about their projects. Once projects and budgets have been agreed upon, a detailed Project Description will be developed by James that covers all of the various options discussed during our Consultation.

We are expert Water Feature designers and Pond Contractors serving the greater Los Angeles area.

Eco-Friendly Water Features

DreamScapes Water Features are the best use of water and energy, especially during a drought, because they are Living Water Ecosystems that are constantly recirculating the same water! We incorporate eco-friendly materials & practices into our designs and installations. This ensures that each water garden not only enhances the beauty and energy of a property, but they also contribute to your unique local ecosystem. Because DreamScape Water Features have clean, living water recirculating in them, they attract and sustain local birds, butterflies, pollinators, dragonflies and so much more.

Why choose DreamScapes for
your Water Feature project?

Expertise and Experience

With over three decades of experience in Designing and Creating natural water features and outdoor living spaces, James and the DreamTeam have mastered the art of crafting naturalistic water features and their surrounding environments. As Certified Aquascape Contractors, we have undergone rigorous training and achieved the highest level of certification in the industry.

Professionalism and Reliability

We take pride in our professionalism and reliability. When you choose DreamScapes, you can trust that we will complete your project on time and on budget without compromising on the quality of our work.


DreamScapes Ultimate goal is our Clients’ satisfaction along with an increased connection with nature. We strive to exceed expectations at every stage of the process, from the initial consultation to the final installation. Building lasting relationships with our clients and the DreamScapes we create for them over time is our greatest reward.

Custom Landscape Design

Each water feature project is unique and must be personalized for every client. We take time to understand our clients’ preferences, which allows us to create tailored designs that make the best use of your outdoor space and the types of plants that we want to work with. From small backyard water features to grand installations, our team will transform your outdoor living space into a stunning DreamScape.

Superior Craftsmanship

At DreamScapes, we never compromise on quality. Using only premium Aquascape Water Feature materials and employing industry leading installation techniques, we ensure that each DreamScape Water Feature is designed and constructed with tremendous attention to detail. Our skilled craftsmen bring precision, passion and dedication to every project, resulting in a durable and beautiful Natural Water Feature that stands the test of time.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

A well designed and created Water Feature can transform your outdoor living space from an ordinary backyard into a Natural Sanctuary. Whether you seek the soothing sounds of a Pondless Waterfall, the elegance of a Fountain, or the natural beauty of a Recreation Pond, DreamScapes will bring your Vision to Life!