Outdoor Fountain

Decorative Fountains for Every Style

FountainScapes are a great way to bring the energy, sites and sounds of Water into a space, both indoors or outdoors. Whether they are integrated into our Naturalistic Water Features, or standing alone, our Fountains are beautiful, durable and easy to enjoy – Day and Night. We occasionally install traditional precast fountains but prefer to work with Aquascape Fountain Products because they re the best, and the design options are endless when combining them together.

DreamScape fountains come in a wide variety of styles and options to accommodate nearly any space. From a small courtyard to relax with the gentle sounds of water to a larger water feature with roaring water, our FountainScapes are constructed with tremendous attention to detail.

We install outdoor fountains, garden ponds and patio ponds throughout Los Angeles.

Outdoor Fountains and Garden Fountains are a great way to add the sights and sounds of a water feature without the high costs of installation and maintenance. Landscape Fountains also come in a wide range of sizes and options making decorative fountains a great option for every type and size of yard. The certified fountain installation experts at DreamScape can install a decorative fountain in hours.

Outdoor Fountains can help you relax, and attract local wildlife.
Sit back and enjoy the sounds of water and watch nature.

DreamScape, Certified Fountain Contractor

Decorative Fountain Options and Accessories

Spillway Fountain Bowl

Spillway Fountains offer a variety of creative ways to drop water from the Bowls, including smooth curtain drops, lines of water falling down and having multiple drop points from one bowl. They are elegant and can be lit from the outside or within.

Basalt Column Fountains

Basalt Column Fountains are striking in their appearance yet take up quite little space. Often installed in groups of three, we offer both real basalt stones or Aquascape’s amazing synthetic basalt column fountains for your project. They have lights at the top and look amazing when also lit from below.

Stacked Slate Urns

The way water cascades down Stacked Slate Urns creates a beautiful effect. The water shimmers on its way down while splashing on the uneven ‘slate’ stone surface. There are different sizes of these Urns to choose from. There is a place for a light at the top.

Stacked Slate Orbs

The various sizes of Stacked Slate Orbs create endless options of ways to have these be stand alone or integrated into our Naturalistic Water Features. They are often installed with only the top 1/2 or 2/3 exposed above the water. Orbs have the ability to become fire features or have a light at the top.

Stacked Slate Walls

Stacked Slate Walls are our most popular FountainScape because they can be created straight, curvy, short, or tall. They can form single or double sided water walls that are spectacular. We use variable speed pumps in our larger features.

Fire Fountains and Urns

We offer the option to add the element of Fire to your custom fountainscape. Certain models of Urns and Stacked Slate Orbs have the ability to cast fire from their tops. Easy to work with, these fire fountains are reliable and enchanting.

Courtyard Fountains, Pond FountainScapes, Front/Back Yard Decorative Fountains, all a perfect fit into any space.

Get the sounds and benefits of water in your outdoor space with little maintenance.