Koi Ponds

Transform Your Landscape and Lifestyle with a Natural Pond by DreamScapes

A DreamScape Pond is a Living Water Ecosystem that it is easy to maintain because it was designed and built right. All of our Pond Projects come standard with A Variable Speed Pump (so you can turn it up and down), Sitting Rocks, An automatic water fill, An automatic bacteria dosing system, Fish Caves, Underwater Lights, IonGen algae preventers and Powerheads or Water Jets for maximum circulation. Our Ponds and their surrounding Landscaping are so Naturalistic that they often look like they were always there. Each DreamScape Koi Pond has its own unique design that is custom tailored to our clients wishes & the space they are within.

We believe that every water feature is unique and should reflect the individuality of its owner. Our team works closely with you to understand your wants, ensuring your pond is tailor-made to meet your needs and preferences.

We Design and Build Backyard Ponds and Water Features

Our mission is to connect People with Nature by creating inviting outdoor living spaces that transform lives. Our naturalistic, living water ecosystems are all custom, one of a kind creations that are designed specifically for each client and location. They come standard with specially placed rocks along the side of the pond for people to sit on with their feet in the water. Whether they have Koi fish in them or not, DreamScape Ponds have clean, clear water because they are well designed ecosystems that are easy to maintain.

Koi Pond Installation Pricing

Custom Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Costs

Small Ecosystem Pond Installation

Small Koi Pond
10′ x 10′ with 15′ Waterfall

Medium Ecosystem Pond Installation

Medium Koi Pond
13′ x 14′ with 12′ Waterfall

Large Ecosystem Pond Installation

Large Koi Pond
12′ x 15′ with 2 Waterfalls

Partnering with Dreamscpes for your Water Feature

Building Koi Ponds Throughout Los Angeles

Dreamscapes separates itself from the competition as a leading provider of professional Koi Pond installation in Los Angeles by offering an extensive collection of vibrant and robust koi fish. We offer a comprehensive range of services when installing a koi pond. We are a complete landscape design solution, including both installing pond plants and rock-scaping to enhance the visual appeal of your pond. Installing low-voltage landscape lights that are controlled by your mobile device, so you can enjoy your backyard any time of day or night. We ensure customer satisfaction and availability to our customers needs any time of the day.

Furthermore, the team at Dreamscapes is recognized for their friendly demeanor and professionalism, consistently delivering top-tier service to their clients. We are committed to achieving and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. Dreamscapes proudly serves not only Los Angeles but also Los Angeles County and nearby areas. We invite potential customers to begin their experience with a personalized quote.

How Does an Ecosystem Pond Work?

An ecosystem pond works by creating a balanced environment for plants, fish, and other organisms to thrive. Here are the steps of how an ecosystem pond functions:

  1. Water circulated through a filtration system that removes debris and harmful substances.
  2. Plants such as water lilies and aquatic grasses help oxygenate the water and provide habitat for beneficial bacteria.
  3. Fish like koi and goldfish eat algae and insects, contributing to the overall health of the pond.
  4. BioFalls® filtration mats that use bacteria to colonizes on, which break down pond waste. Bacteria is a good thing in our pond. They eat all the food that algae would normally consume and grow from.
  5. Rocks and gravel at the bottom of the pond provide surface area for good bacteria to colonize.
  6. Pond skimmer sits the bottom near the pump and skims the leafs off the surface making it easy to clean.
  7. A pump circulates water through the pond, keeping it aerated and preventing stagnation.
  8. The natural balance of plants, fish, bacteria, and circulation creates a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires minimal maintenance.
Overall, an ecosystem pond mimics nature’s balance to create a beautiful and healthy aquatic habitat in your own backyard.

From the original vision consultation to project completion, the attention to detail we infuse into every project is unmatched. Unlike so many contractors who are focused on getting everything done as fast as possible, DreamScapes takes a different approach. We take pride in our meticulous, methodical approach to every phase of Pond design and installation.

DreamScape, Water Features and Landscaping

Encino Backyard Landscaping Services

Creative Pond Design Solutions

Each location and landscape where a DreamScape is created has unique opportunities and challenges wot work with. We generate custom designs for our Ponds and their surrounding Landscapes that fit perfectly within the space they are in while complimenting the architecture of the property. We also work with various types of stone to make sure our Water Features blend in with their surroundings as well as any existing stone work on a property.

Landscape and Pond Lighting

Lighting is an extremely important part of any Pond and Landscaping project. We install low voltage, LED lights on a timer both outside and inside our Pond Projects. Path lights, Plant lights, Patio lights and Pond lights all seamlessly work together to create an outdoor paradise living space. On certain special projects, we even install Color Changing lights! The experience of a Pond at night with DreamScape lighting is totally different from daylight viewing and profoundly beautiful.

Pond Plants and Landscaping

We are different from other pond contractors. At DreamScapes, we believe the planting within and around each Water Feature is as important as the water feature itself. Our first step is to create a plant list for each unique project that we share with our clients. After reviewing the list, we are given feedback to help fine tune the plants that we will be working with. Then we create a project proposal that also includes not just plants, but (drip) irrigation for all of the plants we will install as well.

Expertise​, Quality and Reliability

DreamScapes brings 31 years of experience designing and installing outdoor living spaces and water features to every project. We only use the highest quality materials in our projects to ensure the reliability and longevity of your DreamScape.

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor

We at DreamScapes are Certified Aquascape Contractors with over 3 decades of training and hands on experience in designing and creating natural ecosystem water features and their surrounding landscapes. Certified Aquascape Contractors are a highly trained group of the best water feature and outdoor fountain creators in the world. A true tribe, we are a collective of Water Feature contractors worldwide who network, collaborate and share our knowledge with each other.

Natural ponds that look as if they had always been there.

A DreamScape Pond is easy to maintain, because we incorporate advanced technology with a philosophy of working With Nature and not against it, to create Pond Ecosystems with crystal clear, Living Water.