Landscape Design and Installation

Stunning Yards Start with a Great Landscape Design

A DreamScape is so much more than just a water feature or fountain, it is an environment that uplifts the Soul. We install plants and landscaping around all of our water feature projects to transform yards into DreamScapes! With over 31 years experience, we are experts at designing and creating outdoor living spaces that invite our clients to step out of their doors and into a Paradise.

Landscape Design and Planning

The role of a landscape is to compliment the existing architecture of a property while inviting people to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. James Hiestand has designed several thousand landscape projects over the decades, with each one having its own unique needs and challenges. We design and plant in every style possible, including modern formal, naturalistic, semi-tropical, drought tolerant, California Zen, English cottage, traditional Japanese etc. The key is to use plants to hide and highlight what we want. For example, we will large plants in the back of the water feature and landscape to create privacy and conceal the beginning of the waterfall. Then we will use small plants around the sides and front of a water feature that don’t block the view.

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space with a custom designed landscape?

Our landscape design services can turn your backyard dreams into reality. Dreamscapes custom landscape design service offers one-of-a-kind solutions to unlock the luxurious qualities of your outdoor space.

Los Angeles County Water Feature and Landscape Installer

Natural — Sacred — Paradise

Irrigation Services

DreamScapes has installed every kind of irrigation system imaginable over 3 decades. With all of this experience, we developed our own system of irrigating plants that is the best in the world for multiple reasons. We run PVC pipe out to locations where we will be planting. Then we install Octa-Bubblers that have 8 ports that carry ¼” brown drip tubing to each individual plant. Then we install drip emitters that deliver water only to the base of each plant. Drip systems ENCOURAGE DEEP ROOT GROWTH because as the water percolates down slowly, the roots will grow down deep following it. This is far superior to using sprayers which only water the surface, before running off. Utilizing modern drip irrigation technology also saves our clients a lot of money because they use very little water to irrigate a lot of plants. They are also NOT subject to California drought watering restrictions where residents are only allowed to water on certain days. We also install smart irrigation timers (usually Ratchio) for our clients.

Carpentry Services

We design and install all forms of carpentry in our projects, including privacy fencing, decks, arbors and gazebos. Sometimes Vinyl is the best material to work with, other times, its Redwood, Cedarwood, Doug Fir or Pressure Treated wood. If you are thinking of incorporating some carpentry into your overall projects, we can create the perfect design for you. DreamScapes also installs pre-fabricated structures such as Gazebos, as well. Sometimes we stain the wood to bring out the beautiful grain, and other times it is best to professionally paint our timber before installing it.

Outdoor Lighting & Pathway Lights

Lighting is a very important part of any Water Feature or Landscape. It makes it possible for people to experience and see their outdoor living spaces in ways that are totally different from daytime interaction. You can appreciate the view of a beautifully lit yard from the inside the house, and then step outside to a shimmering waterfall or fountain, or the ripples of light from the pond bouncing off of the walls. There are different kinds of lights, pathway lights, star lights, bistro lighting, wide wash lights for plant borders, uplights for trees and under water lights. All of our lighting systems are low voltage, with LED lights that are connected to transformers with timers so you can set them. We offer standard warm lighting as well as Aquascape Color Changing lights that are controlled using the Aquascape app.

Hardscape Contractors

DreamScapes also installs all forms of hardscape surfaces for Paths and Patios around our water features and through our landscapes. The most common hardscape surfaces we install are: Stonework, Block work, Interlocking Pavers, Concrete, Flat Stonework, Decorative Gravel and Decomposed Granite. For our Decomposed Granite surfaces, we offer several colors: Tan (standard); Terra Cotta; Brown and Gray.

Expertise​, Quality and Reliability

DreamScapes brings 31 years of experience designing and installing outdoor living spaces and water features to every project. We only use the highest quality materials in our projects to ensure the reliability and longevity of your DreamScape.

Professional Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor

We at DreamScapes are Professional Certified Aquascape Contractors with over 3 decades of training and hands on experience in designing and creating natural ecosystem water features and their surrounding landscapes. Professional Certified Aquascape Contractors are a highly trained group of the best water feature and outdoor fountain creators in the world. A true tribe, we are a collective of Water Feature contractors worldwide who network, collaborate and share our knowledge with each other.

Natural ponds that look as if they had always been there.

A DreamScape Pond is easy to maintain, because we incorporate advanced technology with a philosophy of working With Nature and not against it, to create Pond Ecosystems with crystal clear, Living Water.