The Ultimate Water Feature
Oasis in Your Backyard!

Koi & Garden Ponds

The Ultimate Water Feature
Oasis in Your Backyard!

Make Your Yard the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

At DreamScapes, we specialize in creating Natural Water Features, such as Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Fountainscapes, and Natural Pools, as well as the landscaping around them. Step out of your door into an Outdoor Living Paradise that is filled with lush plants, birds, butterflies & the peaceful sound of falling water, day or night. Sit with friends on flat rocks with your feet in the water. Welcome home, to the DreamScape Lifestyle.

We are a Certified Aquascape Contractor with Over 32 Years of Experience Designing and Creating Water Features and Surrounding Landscapes

We create outdoor living spaces with Natural Water Features. The attention to detail we pour into every aspect of our projects is unmatched, and you can see this especially in our amazing water feature stonework. We only create one DreamScape at a time, taking pride in the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of our work, because how we do anything, is how we do everything. When you are ready for Your DreamScape to Come True, We’re ready to create it for You!

Koi Pond with wildflowers in encino.
Closeup of flowing pondless waterfall
Tiered waterfall with stream
Pondless waterfall with stone stairs

Our passion is poured into every unique, one-of-a-kind, living water DreamScape.

Whether the project is small or large, we only create one unique DreamScape at a time.  One by one, our projects develop into magical destinations that connect people with nature and feed the Soul.

James Hiestand

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Featured Aquascape Pond Artist


We are Certified Aquascape Contractors

Certified Aquascape Contractors are a highly trained group of the best water feature and fountainscape creators in the world. A true tribe, we are a collective of Water Feature Contractors worldwide who network, collaborate and share our knowledge with each other.


DreamScapes will only design and build one Water Feature at time, so your Water Feature & Landscape always get our dedicated attention.


We have over 31 years of experience designing and creating seamlessly integrated Water Features & Landscapes.

Evan GreyEvan Grey
18:35 08 Nov 22
James and his team are amazing!!! I would suggest them to anyone - and have to several people.Thanks!
Andrew HenshallAndrew Henshall
20:33 03 Jan 22
DreamScapes absolutely transformed my small urban back yard from a plain boring square into a little subtropical paradise to escape from the world for a while. 100% Would use again.
Jill SprecherJill Sprecher
22:30 02 Jan 22
James and his crew completely transformed my barren yard into a beautiful sanctuary, which I never thought was possible. I am deeply indebted for their caring help.
Michael PrestonMichael Preston
18:48 31 Dec 21
James and his team are top notch! From start to finish, they are on top of everything and really want that “wow” factor at the end of your project. And let me tell you, Wow!
Nick GuerinNick Guerin
06:05 19 Dec 20
Wow - what can I say! Having a Dreamscape Water Feature has transformed the energy in our backyard and it's something that I enjoy everyday, many times a day. We're so glad that we stumbled upon another of James' projects and got in touch with this landscape artist. James has a passion and pride in his work that is unparalleled. It was a great adventure to collaborate with James on plant selection (both at the nursery and via many emails), design, aesthetics, and adjustments as we went through the project. James is very attentive and was great at translating my general ideas into a functioning work of art! The waterfall is the most natural looking water feature that I have seen - no visible concrete or odd rocks to give away that it's manmade. It truly looks like a part of the landscape. I might even say that it has become the centerpiece of our home - everyone (especially our kids) love it and are drawn to it. The value was also outstanding! We highly recommend James & his crew - they're top notch, all-around.
Adam MckinneyAdam Mckinney
07:52 21 May 20
I contacted James over at Dreamscapes in Nov of 2019. By Feb 2020 we had agreed to get started on my small but big overall of a landscape desire. I must mention that prior to James I had worked with a number of so called "landscapers" I tried the cheap guy down the block and then the high end fancy home builder designers. All to a very frustrating and costly end. Then I saw a property that looked amazing on a walk one day which had a Dreamscapes sign in front. I called and James got back to me right away. While he had projects ( much bigger than mine) scheduled, he met and let me know that I would be a priority and placed in his work cue.While the cost of the project was much higher than I expected. So was the work I needed done. My wife and I while knowledgable of many things Landscaping was not one of them. After researching and looking James quote was well in line for the work I needed. I could tell from my first consultation that James was not just passionate (extremely) about his line of work but highly knowledgable.This was the biggest investment that we had made since buying our house! I did a lot of the destruction on the current yard and layout myself. But had reached a point where I just couldn't execute what we desired. It was well worth it!!! Every penny we spent is now visible in our property.We took an outdated desert rock design in a very hot area. Then redesigned it to have grass and surrounding plush plantings which encourage living, relaxing and enjoying the nature and our imagined dream family home.One hesitant thing which I did mention to James was his lack of online exposure and references. He stressed that this was not his strong suit or focus and that it was all about the job. It was apparent in his work. Each day his team performed worked hard, honestly, trustworthy and poignant. It was pretty much 7 or 8 am team shows gone by 5pm. All work no messing around.You could tell he commands his team while allowing them to work and enjoy their craft! No joke very impressive....I don't particularly like social media which is why I generally only post and get involved when people deserve it. I regret not doing sooner as the lack of comments made me myself question the companies dependability. But you know what it's May now and we have nothing but enjoyed our yard and the work completed. But I get nothing but compliments. Every dollar invested I feel I've got back in my property and more so in my enjoyment. Particularly during this time of distancing. My wife and I couldn't of made a better decision and were lucking to find James.He back all of his work. I literally met with him yesterday 3 plus months after the work completed to over view my property to go over the up keep and the continued growth and success. My wife and I are serious amateurs in keeping things alive. So it's this backing of ones work, guidance and products which make me more than happy as a customer, Now an acquaintance. James and Dreamscapes is no joke. It's a shame his online exposure is lacking. But that just means the work is good. Generally those that review do it out of anger and disappointment. Not fulfillment and satisfaction as in this world we expect that.I not only recommend James and his company. But his work ethic and passion. My wife and I picked every plant and had our own imagined dream that James fostered and made real not compromising our desires and wants. He completed what we dreamed plain and simple. I'm hoping I can add more photos but wanted to complete this long delayed review of work!Go Dreamscapes at all costs. You won't regret it!!!! And I'm a half glass empty, skeptical person (so my wife tells me):) Literally changed our world. Now our home is ours!

Water Feature

We begin by generating a Design for each project that works with our clients’ budget. from scratch to completion. This process begins by talking with our clients and viewing images of the space for context. Next, we set up a time for James to come over for a one hour onsite consultation to develop a vision while considering our clients’ priorities and budget.

5 Steps to a new water feature

Water Feature

During an onsite “Vision” consultation, James will share options, challenges, creative ideas and costs for your Water Feature and Landscape Projects.  We can discuss:

Vision Consultation Cost:


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